Metropolis of Propolis

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(propolis: noun, ˈprä-pə-ləs, : a brownish resinous material of waxy consistency collected by bees from the buds of trees and used as a cement in repairing and maintaining the hive. In a tincture with alcohol, it has serious medicinal uses)

Dave's Beekeeping Videos

Weather Underground PWS KTXEMORY9

Latest BeeCam Shot

20 Jul 2018 - Not much nectar to be found anywhere. My May 11 rescue of the hive that double-swarmed has worked, and the hive is strong again. If you watch this page at night when it's hot, you can see the bees hanging out on the "porch" outside the hive to keep cool!
11 May 2018 - The bees in Hive #1 swarmed twice within 5 days and ended up completely queenless. On May 11 I received a new BeeWeaver queen and placed her in the hive. A week later I moved a full frame of brood and nurse bees over from the strong hive to hopefully salvage this weakened hive. At far left is my attempt (in vain) to catch the swarm with an empty hive. I'll remove that shortly as it did not do the trick!

Latest BeeFieldCam Shot

08 Aug 2018 - The crimson clover played out in May. I mowed it down and will plow everything under with the disc harrow when I get ready to plant the next batch of crimson clover in late Sept. The Bee yard is to the right beyond the pond, next to the solar panel and BeeCam. The Wunderground weather station is at the right.
Technology: The BeeCam is powered by a 150W solar panel (way overkill - it's just what I had available), feeding a 12V battery through a MorningStar ProStar-30 solar controller to allow it to run 24x7 without a really long extension cord being required.
It transmits via WiFi to an 8-node Eero mesh network that is about 300ft away. The BeeFieldCam is only about 30 feet from the nearest Eero node and has a much more consistent signal into the WiFi network. If the BeeCam picture is old, it's because it's struggling to transmit to the WiFi network, as it is live streaming video 24x7, whereas I only capture a snapshot once every 5 minutes for this page. The Ambient Weather WS-2902 transmits via the 900MHz band about 150ft directly to my weather station inside the DaveCave, which is on the WiFi network, so it can upload its weather data about once every 2 minutes to WeatherUnderground.